@mention for groups in Sharepoint NewsFeed

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I've been searching for a solution how to @mention a group of users in Sharepoint Newsfeed webpart. I know its not possible by default and mentioning users ise limited to max 6 person.


Teams has this group mention option. I was wondering, if there will be an opportunity to embed specific Teams group channel to Sharepoint site/page as webpart? That would be super useful.


Or is there any other alternative how to notify group of users when posting to SP NewsFeed webpart?


Any suggestions are welcome :)

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I wouldnt expect to ever see those coming to the old SharePoint NewsFeed. But having some kind of "Group" or "Team" embed (like Yammer embed), I think would be quite useful.

This is great idea! I would love to see this implemented. I have just turned on the Team functionality and was not able to @mention a team or even a SharePoint security group.

@Mihkel Moorats hey Mihkel have you ever had an answer to this Q as I am very interested myself?

thks :)

Hi, @HerveDup 

Unfurtunatelly I haven't got any feedback on this. But by today, newsfeeds are going to be history and I would not build anything on top of it...

Hey @Mihkel Moorats 


thks very much for your answer. I'm actually looking at being able to tag a group of people in the comment section at the bottom of a communication Sharepoint Site.

Would you have any info on that, because it's not working. I'd indeed like Sharepoint to send an email to all members of the group that I am tagging and not send an email to the email address of the group itself. 


For example my group is @EMEAmarketing and there is 10 employees in it. Currentljy what Sharepoint is doing when I tage the group in the comment section is that it sends an email to the email address of the group (for ex: emeamarketing@outlook.com) instead of sending an email to each individual member that is part of the EMEA marketing group. 


Thks for your help again


Hey @HerveDup,

OK, I understand your point. And I'm assuming that users of that group do not get the email that is sent for group email?

What I would think next is to use Flow for that. So you can trigger Flow on getting this Group email and the iterate through group members and forward this email to each user.
I hope it makes sense for you?

Good luck,



thank you so much for your answers and sorry for the late reply here. 


Indeed they don't get the email sent from the group email. 

Flow seems to be indeed the way to go and I will explore further. 

Thku again:) i'll let you know if it's working


Cheers from Amsterdam