Master and Subsite column visibility

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I am trying to create a master site and use it as a project portfolio dashboard so I need to retrieve a lot of columns from the subsites and create visual representations and provide a lot of filtered/combined views for different KPI's from project tasks etc.

First of all is it possible to access the rows of data residing in the subsites by using a column metadata from the master site?

I also need to create some level of automation, for example, some task date manually changed in a project subsite and this should be automatically reflected on dates of predecessors and ultimately to the project timeline and the related dashboard view in the master site?


This functionality is provided in MS Project that we already carry licenses for but currently no option for us to pick up Project online licenses to use required web parts. Could SharePoint or one drive help to merge all the data coming from separate installations of MS project and create a dashboard?



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This is a very complicated post.


By the sounds of it you will need to do custom development using SPFx Webparts if you are using the modern UI for your dashboard.


You can use the Search API to bring back all the info from the subsites pretty easily and then do what you want with it.


With regards to Microsoft project separate installations, it will most likely be more effort than its worth, try and unify your data in one location