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Hello M365 Gurus - I have M365 account through my work. I need to do custom development using SPX framework. Would it be okay to make M365 Developer Account using my work tenant credentials? Would it be extra licensing issue in work tenant? 


PS: I did create app catalog in work tenant.


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hey @Khushi Shaikh , 

no  additional licensing cost will require if you use your account to code spfx.

Thank you @ValerasNarbutas  Is there any great resource to start  working with SPFX? I am new to SPFX.  


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@Khushi Shaikh


You can use the work tenant credentials for SPFx development. There is no additional licenses required for SPFx development.

But, if you want to have your own personal office 365 developer tenant where you can learn and try anything you want then you can Join the Microsoft 365 Developer Program.


Also, this is a great resource to start with SPFx development: Overview of the SharePoint Framework 


Additional ReferenceGitHub - SPFx Samples - You can refer the SPFx samples and learn how community experts are using it. If any sample fulfills your requirement then you can download it from here and use it in your projects (or you can enhance the functionalities as per your requirements after downloading the code ).

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