Looking for Unique permissions

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Is there any feature on the CSOM API, or any other to check if an element (Site/Web/Folder) have child items with unique permission underneath it.


I dont want do a an expensive operation going deep into the childs, but I see the info exposed on the SP UI when you add/remove permissions


Any info?

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ListItems, Lists and Sites all inherit from SecurableObject which has a property "HasUniqueRoleAssignments". As far as I know the only way for you to check if any of the child items of a SecurableObject has unique permissions applied is to pick a parent (List or Site) and loop through its children and for each one of them check the property.





Thanks Paul, I'm not sure, if it goes to all the childs. But  I also found the following extension on the PnP-sites-core library. Ill check






@Raul Garita this function does: 

Get all unique role assignments for a web object and all its descendents down to document or list item level.