Load More Items Issue

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Hello Everyone,


Need one help in SharePoint view. We have created form using PowerApps on SharePoint List. We have total items in the List is about 30K. ANd we have created filter condition in the views that it filtered based on current logged in user. In the view of total items count is less than 5 too,  View is showing one item only and users are getting load more items link in the view.

Can anyone please help how we can remove Load More Items message.

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Curious as to why nobody has responded to your post.  I am also running into this issue.  I have a large list (way over 5k records), and when displaying a view with grouped records (returns less than 5k records), one of the groups always prompts the user with the "View more records" prompt.  Other groups with more records do not display this prompt.


Also having the same problem. One of my views has 213 items, and I repeatedly have to click Load More Items to get anything to show up. When I export the view to CSV the file is blank other than column headers.