ListViewCommandSet buttons in new "Microsoft Lists" UI

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We have a few SharePoint lists where we've developed SharePoint Framework components including buttons on the Command Bar via ListViewCommandSet extensions.  These are used to open either custom SPFx dialogs, or to trigger processes via Azure Functions / Azure Logic Apps.


We tend to use SharePoint List tabs within Teams to allow a single simple interface for our users to access several systems as well as associated chat and files.  Recently, the user experience of SharePoint Lists has been force-changed to use the new "Microsoft Lists" interface (which was not communicated with us in advance) - this new user interface does not show our ListViewCommandSet buttons.  These are also not shown when using the 'Open in SharePoint' option from the new interface - directing the user to a page which simply shows the same "Microsoft Lists" interface in their web browser.


Because ListViewCommandSet extensions also do not show when you use the "List" web part in a page, we cannot work around this by embedding the list in a page and putting that page onto a tab in Teams.  There has been an open issue relating to extension buttons not showing in the List web part for over two years over on GitHub, so I don't expect this workaround to be possible any time soon.


I've spent time looking through the SharePoint Framework documentation and I can see no mention there of the new Microsoft Lists user experience at all!


Is there a supported and documented mechanism which will allow us to add our ListViewCommandSet command bar buttons onto the new Microsoft Lists UI - including the ability to open our existing custom dialogs with minimal code changes?


If not, is there a mechanism which would allow us to turn off the new "Microsoft Lists" user experience on a Team-by-Team or Site-by-Site basis so that we can at least restore the functionality which has been forcibly removed?

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