ListView Command Set extension button disappearing bug

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Dear all,


I am trying to add a button on the document libraries in SharePoint, following this tutorial


I was able to follow all the steps, simply generating the project by executing the following commands without changing anything to the generated source files:

  1. yo @Pernille-Eskebo/sharepoint
    • ? Do you want to allow the tenant admin the choice of being able to deploy the solution to all sites immediately without
      running any feature deployment or adding apps in sites? Yes
  2. gulp bundle --ship
  3. gulp package-solution --ship
  4. Upload in app catalogue and made available on all sites (see the screenshot in the .png)

After that tried to find the 'Command two' button on the document library, but couldn't. Looked at another listview and couldn't find there either.

  • Refreshed a few times, then it appeared on the list view
  • Then switched to the document library and the button was there as well
  • Refreshed the browser, such that document library was opened again and the button was gone
  • Navigated to the other list and the button reappeard
    • switched back to the document library and the button was there as well

It seems that when the first thing opened in the browser is the list view, the button appears and when user switches to the document library, button appears there as well. However, when refreshing the browser on the document library url, the button does not appear.


See also the attached screen recording.


This seems like a bug. Can somebody confirm this and indicate when it can be fixed?



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Yes! happens to me to ONLY on 1 tenant!
If I navigate between libraries/lists on the left nav, the button will ony show on one of them. Clicking the same one again (or refresh) will then make it disappear and appear on the other library.

This package is deployed on 3 other tenants with no problem at all.
Microsoft has resolved the issue. Clean the Cache and do a hard refresh.
Has this been fixed in SharePoint Online only?
We have the same bug on SP2019 (SPFx 1.4.1).