Linking Webparts in Classic SharePoint

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Hi all, I manage a quality management system and on a classic page I have it set up to filter documents from a document library. The elements are the site page is in classic, in which a table has three columns this calls up two lists (Business area and Document type) which occupy the first two columns (one in each). The result in the third columns pulls from the document library all documents that meet the first two criteria selections. So lets say the Business area in the first column I select Logistics from the list and then Procedures in the second columns list, the third list will show all procedure documents from logistics. Problem is when you first go into the page it already has a selection in the first two columns with the results showing. I would like have it so it shows all the documents from the business area showing, the document type is empty and you then need to choose a filter to refine the list. can this be done? Due to sensitivity of work I cannot show screenshots which may not help.



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