Link Sub-Site Logo to Root Site Collection

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Hello all,


I have about 10 sub-sites where I want the logo to link to the site collection they are sub-sites of.


I found some configurations in which I applied to the master page of one sub-site to test it out. Specifically the SPLinkButton command


However, it's not working. I'm not sure what else I could do. I am working in SP Designer 2013, saving the master page, clicking the default button. Still no luck. Anyone have any tips?




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What version do you have in place? SharePoint OnPremises or SPO? In case this is a SPO: are those subites modern or classic sites?

@Juan Carlos González Martín Sorry I should've clarified more! I am on Sharepoint Online

I have changed all the subsites to modern now. I noticed when I used classic, it does work. However, on the modern page does not. I believe modern pages don't have any capability with master pages, if I am correct (?)

Well, I was suspecting that and unfortunately you cannot customize the logo in the way you want when you are on modern. The only way I can think you can do this is by means of a SPFx extension that could add that link, but I'm not sure this will work