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     I'm new to the community, but optimistic that someone out there might be able to help.  I have a "Search Results" web part returning a list of documents and links (URL files) from a single document library.  Is there a way to make the links results act like links? 

     Currently, when a user selects a link, it opens up a dialogue box to "Save" the URL file, which one can then open in another window.  I simply want the user to be taken to the URL when clicking on the link in the Search Results web part.

     Thanks in advance for everyone out there taking the time to help think through this.


- Michael Strutynski


(SharePoint Online - Office 365 in case wondering)

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Another helpful picture...

So just to clarify. You have a Link(Shortcut) in your modern library which links to something else. But as you search it you only have the ability to save it instead of opening it?


maybe @Elio Struyf knows a solution