Latest Connect-PnPOnline not working "Method not found"

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Myself and other developers I know are now all of a sudden getting this error when using the latest CSOM and PnP:


connect-pnponline : Method not found: 'System.Threading.Tasks.Task


There's a bug raised on GitHub for it that's the exact issue, but this renders PnP completely unusable.  I wasted hours yesterday trying rolling back CSOM from SDK and different install methods of PnP (MSI, install-module), nothing works.  I was needing to create 40 modern sites, join to hub, etc but I have to do it all manually now,  Anyone else have this issue?  It's like the sharepoint.client.dll is old and missing some methods but I don't use VS and had to use nuget CLI to extract the DLLs then copy to my ISAPI folder since the last SDK installer is from a year ago!  Anyone else hitting this?  Ideas to fix? 

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