Large Libraries Architecture Strategy

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Hi MS Community,


I need your support to design a Library with 70.000 PDFs and 50Gb. This is the first time that I will work with such a big library, and my company has not decided yet if they are going to use Office 365 or SharePoint 2019 Server (On Prem). 


These documents are the history of all product batches that we have ever produced in our company. We have +/- 50 products, so I can perfectly categorize them in folders and don't exceed the 5000 limit.


I considered creating only one library with one folder for each product. In each folder, I would map all metadata, so I reduce manual work. 


Do you think this is a good strategy? Does it work both on Prem and on Cloud?

Another question that I always receive is about backup. If we are on Cloud, can I have a local backup?


Thank you all in advance :) 

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