item level permission of a list for SharePoint Online using powershell

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I have a list called ListName which conktains 5 different items with title as 

abc, xyz, lmn, ijk, efg


I want to change the permission for each item at the item level using powershell so that


abc - read: members, edit: owners

xyz - read: members, visitors, edit: owners

lmn - read: members, edit: owners

ijk - read: members,visitors, edit: owners

efg - read: members, edit: owners



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I've been trying to do a similar thing, and did you this commandlet successfully, but I've noticed there isn't a -group parameter, even though it mentions it in the help. I'm not sure how to add a SharePoint group without this, as the group Display Name doesn't get recognised.

Also, is there an equivelant commandlet to get an item level permission list?

I am trying to use a -Group command let.


The content for the links is not correct as the syntax says:


whereas example says


Do we have anything in PnP where i can actually set permission to an item and assign a group.