it's possible to add hyperlink in a view aspx file ?

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I'm in sharepoint 2016.

I have a calendar on my wiki page where and I have create a new view with default sharepoint option. 


I have another webparts of web content who have only a hyperlink to a aspx page. 


I would like replace this webparts by a hyperlink display directly in the bottom of my calendar view. 


I know than I could use the search webpart with a custom template to add hyperlink and items, but I dont need this kind of webparts for this parts of the wiki page. 

Here is the code for my actual hyperlink.

<a class="link-item" href="/Lists/Calendrier/calendar.aspx" target="_Blank" style="color: #2a6496; text-decoration-line: underline;">​Voir tous les événements&nbsp;</a>


 It's probably possible to use the js link or the xsl link in the webparts properties, but I dont know the xsl code and all js script I found use function to create hyperlink in a html page. So I'm not sure how built the js code. 


I think than the fast way to achieve this will be to add hyperlink code in the aspx page if possible. 


If I could put this link a the bottom of my calendar webparts, I could be delete the web content webparts.


Any hints is welcome. 









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