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I am having some problems in search results from a customized widget of people. When I search for "Filomeno Varela" appears me the person who I'm searching for but if I write only "Filomeno" it gives me all people with name "Filomena" except the only person with name "Filomeno", and in the first page shows a hole in the last line, as if there was a missing contact there... (It has 2 pages)
Also if I search for "Bruna" appears me three contacts: "Bruna Nezello", which is right, "Hugo Broa" and "José Carlos Brua" that has nothing to do with the name "Bruna".

Somehow, when I search with the search of Sharepoint Online, is all ok and appear the "Filomeno" first. Just when I search in the custom webpart this happens.


Here are some photos to exemplify.

Here I search for "Filomeno Varela", and appears the person I search for:




And here I search only for "Filomeno" and it gives me all the names with "Filomena" but no "Filomeno". Also I have 2 pages and in the first page it shows a hole in the last line:








Here I search for "Bruna", and appear other 2 persons that has nothing to do with the name "Bruna":Capture3.PNG


Can someone help me with this problem? I also sent ticket to Microsoft, but they said that could not help me with custom webparts and sent me this link.




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