Issue (No doubt basic) with SharePoint workflow to move document from one folder to another


I am trying to update the path and name on a file in a sharepoint online library using a worfklow. The folder I am trying to move the file to is:


5. Folder Name Blah


If I take the period out of the Folder name, this update works great. But if the period is in there, all the update does is rename the file to:   "xxx" being whatever file type the file is.


Is there a way to use the period in the String Builder? I tried escaping it out but that renamed the file to:


A single period in the folder path is supposedly legal so I don't understand why this isn't working.


Workaround is obviously to remove the period in the folder name but we have been using them for a while and links to documents break if I rename the folder.


Thanks for any/all help!

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A friend suggested trying %2E rather than the . to form the url. I got the same error msg as the period: The file or folder name contains characters that are not permitted.