Is this normal when testing MS Graph?

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I am testing MS Graph and I decided create a web part that reads the name of the members in a team site and show them in the screen. 

Since this is my first web part of this kind, the process has envovled a lot of testing and I noted one thing that I don't know if it is normal or I am doing something wrong. 


In my package-solution file I am asking for this permissions: 







During the first test I granted these  permissons in the API-management page. But every time I install a new version of the web part (a new test) this permissions list get growing. Yesterday I tested the app several times and when I took a look to the API-management page it showed almost 100 permissions waiting for approval. In the granted permission the permission that I approved the first time were there. 




Is no more logic that if I granted permissions to an app the API-manager don't ask again for permissions? 


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Hi @Americo Perez 


Yes, that's normal (unfortunately, but clearly not ideal and I hope this changes in the future). This is how things work at the moment when you add the permissions request to the app.

There are scripts available from community members to clean up the extra requests.

You can find an example here:

Thanks for the info and the scripts!