Is there anyway to generate a partially populated e-mail when a value is set in a list?

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Hello all,


after some assistance if I may.


In our business they have created an MS Form to capture information from all employees in the business.

It's fine, but was a bit clunky, so I have now added a sharepoint list to an existing site, and then used PowerAutomate to take this information, and write it to the list.

I've also taken the opportunity to add a few columns to help them along the way.

Responder - pulls through the person's e-mail address

Created - so they can see the age of the submission

Status - Defaults to New, but we also have in there Approved, Rejected, Need more information, and Completed.


What they have now asked, is if when a status value of Approved, Rejected or Need more information is chosen, whether a pop up (for each of those 3 options) somehow with partially completed text could appear to allow them to send an e-mail to the responder.


I've been looking this afternoon, and can't see any methods jumping out at me for this one, so would be curious to hear if any one has found a solution, or an alternative approach.


The biggest issue here is that they only want the e-mail to be partially populated, as they want the user to be able to add to the e-mail with a personalised message which would be specific to each case.





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