is office 365 groups still available as sp conference video does not have it in the site creation

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could you please let me know, if office 365 groups has been done away with, as the latest SP conference they mentioned about communication sites along with sites but office 365 groups in the choice section.



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I think communicational sites will have Office 365 Group to handle user permissions. Correct me, if I'm wrong.

What do you mean by "done away" ^-^? I would say that in the SPSummit, they said just the opposite since we will have the ability to add a Group to existing SPO Sites (Site collections to be clear) that don't have a Group so eventually Communication Sites will have a Group by default as suggested by Matti or you will have at least the possibility to add a Group

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So, if i have understood properly, there will team sites and communication sites.


Currently the new site in the sharepoint portal page creates a team site + group.


The new features will include the group feature in the communcation sites as well; which means office 365 group will be created by default for both team as well communication site.


Please correct me if i am wrong.



I do not think so, communication sites appear to be a modern publishing site and are suggested to be used in situations where a team or group site isn't preferred (wide audience scopes).

Interesting pick up, I'm thinking a Office 365 will still be the underlying container or object. Possibly with groups members have edit rights and all organisation getting read rights.

Here's our answer from @Benjamin Niaulin (who I have no doubt has access to this already)


"And unlike Team Sites, they do not create or associate themselves with Office 365 Groups. They are 100% standalone."


A New and Mature SharePoint: 2017 Roadmap


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