Is it possible to run Invoke-PnPSiteDesign with Azure AD App/Graph Api ?

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Hi All,


I am currently using March 2018 PnP powershell module (SharePoint Online). This release provides command to invoke site design (Invoke-PnPSiteDesign)
I tried to call Invoke-PnPSiteDesign using Azure AD app only permission connected with Connect-PnPonline, but its giving "401 unauthorized". 
By any chance, is it possible to use Invoke-PnPSiteDesign with Microsoft Graph API using application permissions via an app's declared permission scopes at the moment?.


Note: I am able to call Invoke-PnPSiteDesign by connecting with Tenant admin credentials, but It would be nice if its possible to use this command with Azure AD App/Graph API.





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Just if anyone interested, Answer to this question is, Yes It is possible. Please refer below links. Mikael svenson explains how to do it..