Is it Possible to create an web part with in a webpart?

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While we all are facing issues with the Layout and Strict usage of Sharepoint. is it possible to create a web part that can provide the layout in it and allows us to place another web part in it.

Is there any way to create this kind of Web part in SPFx?

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@ganeshsanap is there any possibility of making this Web part.
if yes, then what is the Approach.

@Saimanoj I am not sure what exactly your requirements are. But, you can create SPFx web parts with Full-width column.

Check this documentation for more information: Use web parts with the full-width column 


Also, you can use Single part app pages which provide a capability to host SharePoint Framework web parts or Microsoft Teams applications in SharePoint Online with a locked layout. End users cannot modify or configure the page that is using the Single Part App Page layout.

Check this documentation for more information: Using single part app pages in SharePoint Online 

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