Is it possible to add a hyperlink to launch an Outlook template?

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I have a request to enable clicking on an image on a SharePoint page and launching Outlook, preferably including that image in the email. Hopefully I'm explaining this clearly... so user would click on Image1, Outlook would open that includes Image1, then user can fill in the recipient and enter text in the email, then send.


I tried creating a simple temple in Outlook and uploaded it to a SharePoint document library, then linked to it, but it didn't open Outlook, it just gave me the option to save the document.


Has anyone had to do this? I'm attaching an example to help explain.

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Hi Allison,
I don´t think that´s possible, or at least not that way. I can think some workarounds, but would be very hard to develop, and not 100% sure if will work.
Have you considered the OOB Share functionality from the Images document library?

I'm not sure what you mean by the OOB Share functionality... that won't insert the image into an email message. If anyone has any workarounds for what I'm trying to do, I'm open to hear it.

I would like to be able to do this too! Any ideas anyone?


@Carolhosking You can do this by using the mailto: functionality, however you are limited to text only for the body of the email. For example, the link below when clicked on as a hyperlink opens Microsoft Outlook and creates the email like my image below. Morning Email&body=Good morning, have a great day today%0dThank you.


Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 8.53.35 AM.png



The preferred way to share documents is of course to mail a link. This will not always be possible (e.g. recipient(s) do not have access).

OOTB this is not possible. There are apps that add this functionality. E.g. by adding an option into the standard context menu in a SharePoint page (see option Mail Item in example) or add this option to the app. For example (link), the option "Mail as attachment" allows the user to attach one or more documents to a new email.




Super helpful, I have just been trying to work out how to do this! Thank you :)




You can also create a hyperlink for your template using Mailto link generator. ^^

Awesome, it works for me.

@Mwoehrle I am trying to use this atm and wondering if it is possible to change the format of the text eg. colour or making some of it bold ect.?

@Caroline Bjellekjær Matthiassen It is not possible to add HTML or text styling (bold, italic, etc.) in mailto email body as mailto does not support using HTML or text formatting in email body.


You can find more information about limitations and possible hacks/workarounds in below threads:

  1. JSON formatting: make some words inside body text of email bold 
  2. How do I pass HTML table inside mailto in anchor tag? 

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