Input requested on needed SharePoint Framework materials


Now that SharePoint Framework Developer Preview is out (, we are starting on building needed videos, guidance, tutorials, samples and other assets for the benefit of the community to assist on learning these new options. We are asking your assistance on the defining the short and long term scopes, so that we can address what the community actually needs. We obviously have a long list of things on top of what has been already released, but your input is highly appreciated.


- What kind of materials you would like to see produced?
- What kind of tutorials, articles, guidance is needed?
- What kind of training materials are needed?
- What kind of samples and scenarios should be provided using code?
- Other ideas, feedback or comments?


thx for your input advance.

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Off the top of my head..


My focus is someone with experience of but little client side development. I also have a developer with a similar background:-

  • More tutorials with working samples focusing on individual features like the excellent initial ones.
  • More info on capabilities vs add-ins and what to use when.
  • Where possible, examples showing the same feature implemented as both an add-in and a framework app
  • Connecting to external data sources/integration (if any) with server side parts
  • Working with different types of Office 365 data
  • Getting started info on React/TypeScript/node/sass etc for .net devs making the change



I think developers really need information on how to customize list and library views.
Also it would be great if you share info how the projects are built. As example there is a typescript config file in Yeoman template but it is not used. So I can't change module type from commonjs to amd or other options.
I would love to see a Angular 2 option in the yeoman generator. Today we have the React and Knockout option, a Angular 2 option would make my day.
Hi Vesa,

I want to know how this model will help me to build a feature end to end? What are the different artefacts I can develop with this SPFx? Why should use SPFx instead of add-in model?

What would be alternative for on-prem solutions?


Thank you everyone already for your valuable input. This helps on defining the needed target for the upcoming work on the tutorials. All additional input is also more than welcome.