Information Architecture for office 365 where individual team leads needs to be given higher rights

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I have a business proposition where i need to give a capability in office 365 where individual Teams can operate on.

They will have their own content. I though of implementing this using subsites and will take request from the user  as a list item form and once the main admin approves it.The provisioning engine built from PnP will create the subsite with leader as higher access or the site and some list, library creation.


Could you please let me know, if using the proviosning engine PnP and work on top of it for this requirement is correct. As mordern sites are coming and i have not been able to understand the group mechanism and anticipating some change. DO i have to hold on for it or go with the change.



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If you are talking about a Teams that are siloed in some way, modern team sites is the way to go...and even Groups. You can automate Groups creation today using the PnP Powershell cmdlets

I have couple of questions on that:
1) I don't find the sliding in new site creation window which gives me the impression that Modern Team sites are yet to be applied.
2) How do i put in place the approval mechanism where the individual team leads will raise a request with certain specifications and then get approved and upon approval, the site is created. How do i automate number of group creation with different parameters.