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Our organization is moving to SharePoint 2019 (we don't want to move to cloud or Hybrid). As InfoPath is deprecated I’m looking for alternatives. ? Our organization got 100 employees.

We usually use form to submit leave requests, training requests etc.

  • Users submit requests and email is send to supervisor. 
  • After supervisor approval then an email is send to manager for approval.
  • Users should be able to edit their requests but shouldn't see others
  • Supervisor and manger field should be auto populated from AD. 
  • Users must be able to attach documents. 

With add-ins or SharePoint framework can I achieve the above requirements? Is there any other alternatives. I have development background. 

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There are no out-of-the-box alternatives to InfoPath forms. Either you have to integrate with PowerApps with On-Premise gateway which is expensive I believe.
- Other alternative SPFx
- You can also explore other third party tools such as Nintex, K2 etc.


With SPFx can we implement all the  requirements. I heard from an expert that SPFx doesnt send email but we some other tools to send email. Is that correct?

You can send emails from SPFx.
Example using PnPjs library

@Joel Rodrigues 


Thanks. Do you have a sample leave request or some other forms using SPFx

Not that I can share I'm afraid, but you can find some good web part references in the PnP web part samples: