infopath 2010 problem with using web soap data connection

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i have a sharepoint 2010 list, i made infopath form that contains data connection for userprofile service (getuserprofilebyname) . i need the account name od current user. i created in load form rules: query data on getuserprofilebyname and set field current user (text field) on Value[Name = "AccountName"]. also, i tryed that convert data connection in the udcx file with authentication over the secure store service but when i start form in every situation, i recevie error message every time

An error occurred while querying the data source.
The item has been added to the Windows event log on the server.
Record ID: 7893
Correlation ID: f6a73410-daea-4293-965f-4e260a8f455b


in uls log i recevie:
The following data connection (domain\user) has timed out(User: Template, Form Name: , IP: http://site/Lists/test/AllItems.aspx, Request: urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:infopath:list:-AutoGen-2020-10-26T10:43:34:482Z, Form ID: ).


i user next link for resolving of this problem

but nothing. can you give me some instruction

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the configuration of my infopathform service is like on picture