In Sharepoint Online, how do we create tasks that run at scheduled intervals?



I need develop task in Sharepoint Online, which reads the list items and based on the status of the one of the field, I need to send email. I have many site collections(25+). How do we create such tasks?

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Hi @Venkata Ratnam Vemula


Microsoft Flow or Azure Functions would be the best option for you, depending on the exact requirements.

Flow doesn't require code, so perhaps the best option to start with. If it doesn't match your requirements, then Azure Functions will to the job :)

Joel, Thanks for the reply. But, I have around 25+ site collections and new site collections get added every month, where all the site collections have same template.
What is the best approach I can follow, where I need to read a list from all the site collections and send email based on the condition?
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I would say in this scenario Azure Functions are more suitable, but Flow is also an option...for instance, you could have a control list with all the site collections created son the Flow / Azure Function simply read that list and do what they have to do