In Sharepoint home page, add a single link which can create a new list item, if it possible?

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I would like to make an Entry in my sharepoint home page, which the visitor click the entry, then the link will guide to new list item windows.

That means the user don't even need to visit the list, can open or create a list item directly.

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Hey @Happier ,


If you take a look at your New Item form, you'll notice the URL is something like ""

This is the pattern for every list form, so all you need to do is to create a link in your page whith the URL of your new list form.

For this I suggest to create a PowerApp form or even a Forms Fomr that when the user type a new entry the data is added directly or by means of a Flow in the list



yes, I did this way with the web part 'short cut link'.

Well, Content Editor webpart seems are not available in Sharepoint Online. But still a good approach. Thanks.