In classic mode SPO, column property default values are not saved if they are calculated values.

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This happened from the beginning of September.

Under the following conditions, the expected values ​​are no longer saved in the properties of Office documents (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) placed in the SharePoint Online library.


・ The library is used in classic mode.
・Set the default value of the column property to the calculated value.


As an example, an attempt was made to set a value that was calculated 5 years after the expiration date, but no value was entered.


In modern mode, the calculated value after 5 years is set as expected.


This seems to be a bug symptom.

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Registering a document from the upload button now works correctly.
However, the expected value is not saved when dragging and dropping.
Ah! ? Also, document registration from the upload button no longer works correctly.