Ignite Guidance: TypeScript and SPFX for Dummies?

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@Vesa Juvonen, I'm curious, what sessions and other events would your team recommend for "dummies" to really get an intro into how to build solutions in SPFX?


Like myself: experience in javascript, html, css, old mechanisms like script editor web parts and content editor web parts.  Managed to muddle through a couple hello world type scenarios, but i'm just following articles, and don't really understand "what" I am doing.


Is there anything that really walks through how it works from a non-traditional-developer perspective?

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Hi Brent,


Unfortunately, there aren't shortcuts with SharePoint because the platform is complex and the learning path is long and requires time to perfect. A good start might be,


The official docs:


The SharePoint / Office 365 Dev Patterns & Practices YouTube channel:


The SharePoint GitHub docs:


SPFx webpart samples here:

SPFx extention samples here:

Once you have the basics have a look at It is a great time saver.


These are the best sources for me so far. Cheers


I don't think that Ignite is the best place to learn TypeScript, node etc, Ignite is the place to find out about new services, features and also deep dives in the aforementiond technologies.


With that said; if you're going to Ignite, if you're just starting to learn SPFx, if you don't know TypeScript, the node.js ecosystem and more. I really recommend you take a look at the courses at Pluralsight. There's quite a few very good series on TypeScript, node, gulp etc. Why not download them and watch them while flying to Orlando!