id-10t error or bug?


Our team hasn't been able to resolve this error message.  I wasn't sure if this could be resolved by going by the office and jumping on the network as VPN/SP aren't the best of friends at times. But was unable to fix the issue and can't get into SPD either since the error has appeared. 


When we click to resolve we get this message:


Any suggestions how to resolve this, or if this has already been covered in this forum - where to go to find the discussion string.  

Thank you in advance for the help and assistance with this!


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I believe this is happening because your IP address changed, do you think that was the case?


@Alireza Rahimifarid then how does that work if you have a dynamic IP? 


You have to keep the same session with the same IP address, for example if you connect to your home and suddenly disconnect and connect to your hot spot you will get the same message.