How would you aggregate the News from each Team Site associated with an Office 365 Group?

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We are starting to use Office 365 Groups within my organistation. Within each group the users can add news (it looks like news articles are just pages in the Pages library). We would like to have a place where all news from all public groups could be viewed.


Any suggestions on how this can be achieved?



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Hello Alan, As you know, Office 365 Groups now create SharePoint Team Sites. One method to see all news is via the SharePoint Homepage. This is currently in First Release, more news about it here:
And if you need to have this news in a particular place that it's not the SPO landing page, you will have to build your self the functionality to show news from all the Groups
Not 100% sure if it fits all your needs, but I think you can use SP Search to get all the Modern news articles pages. A modern news article page is based on a specific Content Type (0x0101009D1CB255DA76424F860D91F20E6C4118) and with a specific property and value: PromotedState=2

with that search query, you can get all the news articles, but keep in mind that it will return all the articles, even if they are not on a SP site coming from a Public group (perhaps are some options to filter that too)
Hello John, I've looked in the company Office 365 SharePoint and a dev Office 365 SharePoint the the home page does not have News. Does it have to be enabled? BTW I made sure there was a group with a couple of news articles for testing.
Hi Alan, This functionality is currently only in First Release which might explain why you are not seeing it yet. I'm guessing this will be in production tenants in a month or so.