How to trigger SharePoint workflow with Like/Unlike clicks for Team Discussion

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I created a workflow for a team discussion list, and enabled the rating system. I set the WF to be triggered when Item is changed. Since users could like Like/Unlike the items, it in turn changes the "Number of Likes" field. I assume the item is changed so it should trigger the WF. However this doesn't seem to be the case, the WF is only triggered when I change some other fields like Title for example.
Is Like/Unlike (Number of Likes) a separate algorithm when SP checking if an item is "Changed". If so, any way I could have the WF be trigger on the item if someone "Liked" it?

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@Yihuan Liu SP designer List workflows (with automatic trigger on change) will be triggered when someone clicks Like on any discussion.Could you provide more details about your type of workflow? Is it a list workflow or a reusable workflow?

@unnie ayilliath Thank you for your reply, but I'm afraid it does not trigger it :(, I have confirmed this with some other people and tested myself. I was told it is a social feature and does not gets counted as an item change.


It is a list workflow, SharePoint 2013 on-premise.

@Yihuan Liu hmm that's strange. I have tested it on SharePoint online "Discussion List" and it works.  I am surprised on-prem gives different behavior as Discussion lists are same in SPO & on-prem. 

@unnie ayilliath May I know if you enabled SharePoint Classic Site Collection? As I try to test the function in SP online, I do not even see the like button in discussion board. It seems that the site has to be a non-modern site (reference:


Either way it seems things did change a lot from on-prem to online, it is a shame if the feature only works for "online classic" sites.