How to transfer Electronic Documents from SharePoint into an external application

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Apologies for the newbie question, I have been asked to update a web service that my company have been using as a target for Sharepoint send-to facility.   This web service is an interface to an external application and allows Sharepoint users to select documents and send them and their metadata to that external application.   This worked quite well on older versions of Sharepoint but attempting to set up the same interface on 365 results in an error.    "Verification failed: URL is not a valid routing destination"


No indication of what is wrong with it, and all the articles I have read don't help very much, they seem to be mostly about sending to a Sharepoint document repository.   Has the feature to send externally been changed or deprecated?   Can anyone link to a documentation to what kind of interface the receiving service should implement?     If this has been depracated what is the best way to achieve the same function which is to send a document to an external database?   




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@Emmanuel you could consider using a flow in Power Automate to send the selected document to the external application, and the user could trigger this from as JSON-formatted button in your SharePoint document library.


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Ok thanks Rob I will do some research and give it a try.  @RobElliott