How to sync a SharePoint Web Part with Teams?

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I have developed a SharePoint WebPart, this component has several properties that I can modify from SharePoint: width, height...




I have installed the same component in Teams and works fine but I don't know how can I change this properties in Teams.


Logically, I think that by changing the values in Sharepoint, they should automatically refresh in Teams but it's not like that.


On the other hand, If I try to click on the "Sync button with Teams", I don't why never works and throws an error.


botonteams.png --> Error...


My problem is that I can edit the properties in Teams. Now I have something like this when I try to edit the WebPart in Teams:




I would like to obtain something like this:




Somebody know how what can I do to sync this parameters or allow to edit in Teams?





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Hey @vcima ,


Where exactly are you trying to use this webpart on Teams? As a Channel tab? Usually, you configure webpart properties at the moment you add them to a Channel tab.

Hi @Carlos_Marins!. First of all thanks for your reply!


I have this in my manifest:


"configurableTabs": [
"configurationUrl": "https://{teamSiteDomain}{teamSitePath}/_layouts/15/TeamsLogon.aspx?SPFX=true&dest={teamSitePath}/_layouts/15/teamshostedapp.aspx%3FopenPropertyPane=true%26teams%26componentId=XXXXXX%26forceLocale={locale}",
"canUpdateConfiguration": true,
"scopes": [
"staticTabs": [
"entityId": "example",
"name": "example1",
"contentUrl": "https://{teamSiteDomain}/_layouts/15/TeamsLogon.aspx?SPFX=true&dest=/_layouts/15/teamshostedapp.aspx%3FopenPropertyPane=true%26teams%26personal%26componentId=XXXXXX%26forceLocale={locale}",
"scopes": [


With the first option "configurableTabs",  I can handle the properties panel in Teams, but I need the second option "staticTab" because is the only way, as far as I Know, to pin the application in the left menu.


The problem is the following,  How can I handle the properties panel in Teams with the second option or what can I do to sync the Web Part properties between SharePoint and Teams.


Thanks in advance!