How to set permissions on sheets based on the scenario?

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I have scenario, where I made multiple lists in SPO. In AAD, I created three groups of users to whom I need to assign permissions to use sheets.

The first group of users (Employees) should have permissions:
He only sees his list items. He can only edit his items.

The second group of users (Managers) should have the following permissions:
They should see all the items in the list. But they can only edit their own.

The third user group (Admin) should have permissions:
They should see everything (all items) and can edit all items.
Ideally, Admins could not modify the list structure. Thus, they are not 1 to 1 with a predefined group (Site Owners).

Can anyone advise me how to set permissions based on how I wrote the script above?

Thank you very much for any advice that would move me to the goal.

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