How to SET associatedMemberGroup with Flow and REST api




I'm using Flow to create sub sites using a site template. Each site needs individual permissions, so the site is set up with a SharePoint Http request using a parameter to not inherit permissions. That means that there is no default site Owners, Members or Visitors group. That also means that members cannot share the site with others. This can be seen in the Access Request Settings dialog.




Manually, you can go to the page _layouts/15/permsetup.aspx and use the interface to set up new or existing groups for these three roles. But I need to do this with Flow. I use a SharePoint HTTP request to create a new group and I can get the group's ID.


How can I set this new group to be the default Member group with Flow, using SharePoint HTTP?  The documentation about associatedMemberGroup is here, but I can't see how I can use the POST method in a SharePoint Http action.  I tried 




but I get an error "Cannot find resource for the request associatedMemberGroup."


Ideas welcome.


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