How to revoke permissions on SharePointPnP.ProvisioningApp.Tenant?

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How do I revoke permissions granted to SharePointPnP.ProvisioningApp.Tenant after deploying a SharePoint lookbook site template? I see the "app' in, but don't see a way to revoke the permissions.


Also, what impact would revoking the permissions have on the sites deployed by it?

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The app uses delegate permissions, meaning it would only be able to access based on your access.

To remove the app, go to > Azure Active Directory > Enterprise Apps> Find the app > then properties > then Delete to get rid of the app. If you want to keep the app but constain access further from staff or hide it, then in the same properties screen you can update it.

Of course, if you are unsure, I recommend getting a free dev tenant and test the results of the scenario, outside of your production environment.
That worked, thank you!

Deleting the app did not affect the deployed lookbook sites.