How to provision list view titles in multiple languages using Office Dev PnP Provisioning?

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We are provisioning our lists based on Office Dev PnP Provisioning as explained in the blog post "Multilingual Provisioning Templates with the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices Provisionin...".


We've managed to translate the list title and list columns, but the View titles don't gets localized (see both attachments for a comparison between two languages). How to make the view title shown in a localized language?


Is there a summary which elements can be localized? e.g., is localization supported for view titles, list description, content type names, current navigation (quick launch) items, global navigation (top navigation bar) and other SharePoint elements?


List in English with incorrect view titleList in English with incorrect view titleList in Dutch with incorrect view titleList in Dutch with incorrect view title

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Unfortunately view titles are not translatable using resources. What we've done in the past is use JS to do this at the client (see Now given that this model does not work anymore in the modern list UI this is not a recommended pattern anymore. Would suggest to raise this on uservoice.