How to post outlook input to Infopath forms

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Hi Folks,


I am newbie to sharepoint and infopath platforms.

I got a requirement like below , please advise me how can we achieve this.


We have a feedback form in outlook which will be rated from 3 to 1 and that will shows in emojis.


When i clicked on 3 (Smiley emoji :smile:) this should be retrieve to infopath feedback form (PFB screenshot for reference) and 3 should be inserted into sharepoint DB . Once the feedback given into words and this also should be inserted in the same row (the both inputs should recorded in a single row). The Identical or primary key we can considered EMP_ID & email ID.


Any inputs would be appreciated .









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@Kalyankrishna I don't think,you can accomplish what you are trying to,do with the tools. you are using. Have you looked at actionable messages ( Seems to be exactly what you are looking for . 

@Russell Gove  thanks for your reply.


Actionable messages are different concept compared to what i am looking for. Is there any other way to get feedbacks from different customers.

Can anyone show light on this requirement?