How to package the react application and integrate in Sharepoint On-premise

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HI All,


I have a sample application in React which will give the sample list items in table view. Now I want to package it and run it in sharepoint on premise .


Can anyone say How to package and run it .



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Hi Ramadurai,
the deployment of SharePoint Framework applications is currently only possible on SharePoint Online Tenants.

It is planned to support On-Premise installations as well in the future.

Thank you . 



How can we write the React application in Sharepoint on-premise.





You could develop a classic SharePoint Add-In and use the React Framework in your front-end for example.

You meant to say Sharepoint app. ?


I am sorry If my question is chilly.


Instead of using SharePoint app Can we write the React code and directly place into the script editor webpart and run in Sharepoint On Premise.




Yes that's also possible. You can place anything you want into a Script Editor Web Part at least it is valid JS code.

Hello Mr Robin,



  i am so sorry your ansewer  is not clear he need to bundle The application before push it to the tenant or create Build option in npm to create all Js file and after that upload all inside /shaproint/sitesAssets like files and point all application to that file.


can i ask you mor details about the steps to deploy a simple react application in sharepoint 2013 or 2016 ?