How to open modern list item details pane from custom SPFx web part

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I would like to open the modern Details Pane for a list item in response to some action (click) taken in a custom SharePoint Framework web part.  My SPFx web part would display items from a SharePoint list.  I want the user to be able to select an item or click a link for an item that will open the Details Pane for the item as if the user had selected the item in a normal, modern list view and clicked the little icon to open the Details Pane.  Is this possible?  The item details could open in the pane on the right of the page, or in a modal dialog, or on some sort of dedicated separate page--I'm not picky about this.


I'm already somewhat invested in using the ootb, modern customization tools for list item forms.  I've done this because I couldn't find a way to tell a SharePoint modern list to use a custom (e.g. in SPFx) form (PowerApps is not an option) when clicking a New button/link for the list.  I don't want to maintain two different ways of editing properties of list items depending on how you come at them.



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