How to get the app version for an installed SharePoint add-in

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I've looked at the PnP PowerShell CmdLets and used the Get-PnPAppInstance to get all apps installed in a site. Good so far, but I want the version number for the installed instance, which the CmdLet doesn't return. I can't find any way to do other way to do it without manually going through each App Details from Site Contents.


My use case is so that I can compare installed app versions on sites to the uploaded app versions in the tenant App Catalog to see how many apps haven't been updated.


Any ideas?

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Maybe not completely what you want but you could connect to the app catalog list and then pick up the version from there by reading the items.

not quite sure what you mean, the app catalog version can be different from the installed version. I can get the version from the app catalog because it's a list, I need the installed version on the site.


I totally agree. Hence me saying that it isn't exactly what you want bu it is the closest I could get the the version of the app that is avaialbel within your tenant.


Probably the best isdea is to log an issue in the PnP PowerShell github repository.