How to get a list of all users in Office365 tenant

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I have a custom form inside SharePoint online. I've been asked to create a dropdown with the first name + last name of all users in my Office 365 tenant. 


The only way I can think to get that information client side is Microsoft Graph but I'm having a really hard time finding simple examples that show how to use ADAL.js and Graph. All the examples I'm seeing are using Angular, NodeJS, .NET or other platforms when I just want to do simple jQuery ajax calls to Graph and parse the results into an array. 


Can someone point me in the right direction 

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Have you seen this example:


Reading through it now. I love how he says "I failed to find a simple example of how to achieve this, my search results often filled with examples of calling the APIs from server-side code or else utilising the Angular.js framework", that was exactly my experience.
How did you create the form? are you using a SP list? have you seen the Office UI Fabric People Picker,
Hey Dean,

The data is stored in a SP List but the form is all HTML. The people picker is great for the UI but I still need to be able to pull all the users in the tenant. Fabric UI won't get the data for you, just present it.
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