How to display icon with label in SharePoint form .

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Hi Dear Community Members,


Thanks in advance.


I am very new to this area. I have one requirement like I have to achieve the below screenshot. 



I can not see any options to enable the icon for Label.


Please suggest me the way, How I can achieve this.


My Form looks like below.





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@VijayTailor what type of site template are you utilizing to build the form ? and is it a list form ?

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@VijayTailor The form what you have want to achieve is modern SP list or library form which looks something like this:


Not sure your current form as it looks like PowerApps but please confirm. If you use modern view for list and library you should be able to get the same.


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Thanks @Vikram_Samal ,


my issue is reloved by the solution you provided.


Actually I am using PowerApp Custom FOrm maybe that is the reason I am not able to see that form with the icon in SP 



Vijay Tailor