How to Disable PNP Starter KIT header template

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Hi Team , 


we are trying to build Intranet page using PNP Starter kit . The page is ready to publish but we encountering the issue with MS Header context need to be remove on our homepage template . Kindly provide your inputs . 


FYI : attached screenshots for removing header content .

Thanks in advance. 




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Just a question a head are you going to use the pnp starterkit in production? I would really see the starter kit as a example of what is possible. If you need items build them check them based on the starterkit.


Do you have your code so we(people) can look at what is going wrong?

@Deleted, Thanks for reaching about this issue. we have code in place but not able to find the solution to adjust the Headers. You can reach me via my email so will troubleshoot this issue.