How to create Office 365 groups related operations with SPFx or CSOM

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In new SharePoint online modern experience, groups are placing very prominent role with modern sites. So I just wanted to create a single interface/place where Office 365 groups can be created and maintained.  

Ideally my solution should contain following basic features:

  1. Show all the groups (for admin show all, for normal user show what they belongs to)
  2. Create new group
  3. Delete existing group
  4. Add new members to group
  5. Follow group 
  6. etc... 

While searching on the internet i found a very interesting video on maintaining groups. 

Could any one please tell me, how they have done it? I think it may be with office web apps or provider hosted app. But not sure. 

Could you please give me some starting point to this solution like 

  • What are the APIs available that I can consume to achieve this?
  • Are there any articles or tutorials available to deal with office 365 groups?
  • I found one article with MS Graph. All actions related to office 365 groups are available as I mentioned above with MS Graph?
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