How to create approval flow for modern news app?

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I am trying to create an approval flow so each time when a editor adds a news the editor-chief gets an email asking for approval. 

I have suceessed with half of the flow, that is the editor-chief gets the email and can approve or reject. 

Well the problem is in the flow itself. When an editor click on add news a new page is created in the Site Pages folder and it gets a temporary name like eret213.aspx. Since this page is created as soon as the user click on add news, the flow gets fired and uses this temporary name, the result is that when the chief approve the page is actually approving the eret213.aspx page which doesn't exists in the Site Pages anymore. The name of the page change when the user click on save as draft (the name of the page change to match the header of the page). 

So the question is how to get the flow fired when the page saves as draft? which is when the page gets the real name (and url). 

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