How to consume a SOAP web service in 0365/Sharepoint online.

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Hey all!


I have scoured the web for hours and today and cannot seem to find an appropriate answer to the problem I am trying to solve. 


I have an eternal soap api/web service that I am trying to grab data from located at: and I cannot for the life of me find help on how to set up a service or add in to consume that data. Everything I seem to find points me to client-side rest calls that won't work for this non-CORS api.

I have an 0365 developer account, visual studio, and am ready to build an add-in or whatever I need.

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Here's how I'd probably tackle it...


Step 1: Build an Azure AD Secured Web API wrapper around the Soap Service

- Use .NET or Node to connect to the Soap Service using a Service Account

- Exposes your SOAP data via Restful API over HTTP

- Requires an Azure AD access token

- Supports Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

- Azure Functions are my goto for this scenario



Step 2: Create an SPFx Customization that consumes your Azure AD Web API

- Follow the docs on how to connect to an Azure AD Secured API