How to call graph API to read SP list items from SPFx in SP Online?

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I'm new to graph api and trying to use graph api to read sp list items from a custom list using the current user's rights (not service account). But i'm getting an error. I have this so far


in the package-solution.json file, I have this in the `solution` object

"webApiPermissionRequests": [
"resource": "Microsoft Graph",
"scope": "Sites.Read.All"


In the helloworld.ts file I have this to init the graph api connection

public async render(): Promise<void> {
const element: React.ReactElement<IHelloWorldProps> = React.createElement(
client: await this.context.msGraphClientFactory.getClient()

ReactDom.render(element, this.domElement);

public onInit(): Promise<void> {
spfxContext: this.context

return super.onInit();


and in the helloworld.tsx file I have this


let items = await props.client.api('/sites/TestSite/lists(\'MyFeatures\')/items').get();


But I see this error in the dev tools console


Uncaught (in promise) Error: To view the information on this page, ask a global or SharePoint admin in your organization to go to the API management page in the new SharePoint admin center.
at e.getToken (chunk.aadTokenProvider_none_3888c2e89a4ae65276c0.js:1)
at sp-webpart-workbench-assembly_en-us_6db5d03d6aef1b7d63505cff87b165b2.js:65


I haven't done anything on the administrative side to create any api registration or approve anything. I was wondering do I need to do that, and if so, is there a tutorial for how to set it up? And is there anything more in the code I need to adjust like add a client id/secret or something?





I added the web part to the app catalogue and it told me to approve it from the API management centre. However when I went there, there was nothing listed in pending or approved. And it says there is an error Could not retrieve Global Service Principal ID Error: Error: {}. Researching that I found this Do I need to do this?


Also I found the command Enable-SPOTenantServicePrincipal. Do I need to enable this for the SharePoint Online Client Extensibility service principal? Is this needed to be enabled for the SPFx webparts to use graph api?

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Hi, I was also having the "Could not retrieve Global Service Principal ID Error: Error: {}" on my tenant and the process described on the link that you shared solved the problem. This included deleting the problematic app registration and getting a new one created.

Regarding consuming the Graph API, there are many SPFx PnP web part samples that demonstrate this. Just search for "Graph" on the samples website:

@rrrrr10 As you are requesting for Sites.Read.All permissions in your web part, you have to approve this from SharePoint admin center --> API management.


Anyone else facing this issue can find more details about this in below thread:

How to call graph API to read SP list items from SPFx in SP Online? 

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